Help Promote Supply Shock

Dear Steady State Supporter,

Brian Czech’s Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution was 13 years in the making and the advance copies have been praised by leading ecologists, economists, and even politicians. The book’s release is an outstanding opportunity to generate awareness and discussion of the steady state economy. More people reading Supply Shock means more people learning about and joining the movement for a steady state economy.

We need your help in promoting the book!

What you can do:

1)     Buy the book. This will not only provide a bump for the critical first days of book sales that helps promote the book even further, but the first $5,000 in royalties go to CASSE.

2)     Review the book. Once you’ve read it, review it on Amazon, GoodReads, on your blogs, or wherever you have connections.  (If you like Supply Shock as much as we think you will, be aware that five-star reviews put books higher on Amazon bestseller lists).

3)     Post about the book to your social networks, “like” it on Facebook, send tweets, etc. Send links to the Supply Shock page or Amazon page to your friends and colleagues.  Sample posts are below.

4)     Call your local library and ask them to stock the book.

5)     Be creative – let us know YOUR ideas for promoting this long-awaited addition to the steady state literature!

Please send a note or links to anything you do to Rentz Hilyer at [email protected].  Your work will help Supply Shock and the steady state economy break through to a broader audience than ever before.

Sample email or post:

Dear Friends,

Many of you know that I am a proponent of the steady state economy as the sustainable alternative to growth.  I’m excited to announce that a new book about steady state economics hit bookstores earlier this year!  Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution <link to> by Brian Czech tells the story of how economic growth came to dominate our politics, became a huge problem that few people are willing to acknowledge, and must now be tamed with specific policies and international diplomacy for achieving steady state economies among nations and for the planet.  Supply Shock, 13 years in the making, is the most comprehensive book regarding steady state economics yet. Yet it’s highly readable for the broader public. (Publishers Weekly has said, “Czech is as good at popularizing economics as Carl Sagan was science.”) I hope you will have a look at Supply Shock and help me promote it so this crucial subject will reach more people than ever before.


<your name>

Sample tweet:

@SteadyStateEcon Important new book #SupplyShock by Brian Czech debunks #economic growth paradigm

Thank you for your continuing support!