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Czech has mastered the art of melding science, economics, policy and politics in one readable piece. Supply Shock belongs in the classroom, boardroom, town halls and policy circles. It belongs in the hands of all those who care, as Czech might say, “about the grandkids.”
—Herman Daly, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, School of Public Policy; author of Steady State Economics; Lifetime Achievement Award winner, National Council for Science and the Environment

Brian Czech has used a remarkable combination of education and experience to build a solid reputation as an innovative thinker. His newest book, Supply Shock, is an adventure in learning. Czech’s vision of “steady statesmanship” is impressive and convincing, and this book easily qualifies as one of the key manuals for those who care about the world and its inhabitants.
—Lynn Greenwalt, former director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“An old economic world is dying, and a new economic world is being born. Brian Czech is one of the visionaries of this new economic world.”
—Governor Richard D. Lamm

Supply Shock clearly describes the heart of what ails us–a zombie-like addiction to economic growth everywhere at all costs. Brian Czech brilliantly dissects the economic theories, models, and mindsets that are diminishing the human prospect while calling it ‘progress’. . . . King Midas would have understood the point, as we will someday.”
—David W. Orr is Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics and Senior Adviser to the President, Oberlin College; author of seven books; Lyndhurst Prize winner

Supply Shock brings together the keen observations of a skilled biologist with a deep understanding of our failing economic system. Brian Czech has come up with the major economic rethinking needed to prevent cascading collapses of human societies and the rest of the species on the planet.
—Brent Blackwelder, Past President, Friends of the Earth; Founding President, American Rivers

This is a brave book that raises questions we all need to ask and try to answer. Czech proposes the evolution of a revolution, thinking and feeling and working our way toward a fair, sustainable, constructive social order in America and all around the world. The style is clear, cogent, honest, stimulating, free of clutter, and often amusing; it’s boredom-free. You’ll enjoy it.”
—Neil Patterson, president, Neil Patterson Productions; past president, W.H. Freeman and Company, co-founder of Benjamin-Cummings, Worth, and Scientific American Books

Brian Czech has dedicated his entire professional life to the study of wildlife conservation, environmental protection, and human society. Supply Shock is the culmination of this thinking, and should be read by leaders as well as upcoming professionals in natural resource conservation and environmental management. Bold leadership – the kind needed for conservation of the world’s natural resources and habitats – can be enhanced by Czech’s vision of steady statesmanship.
—Paul R. Krausman, Boone and Crockett Professor of Wildlife Conservation, University of Montana, and past president, The Wildlife Society

This well-written and comprehensive volume is a great resource for questioning “economic growth” and moving towards a new paradigm for the earth’s future.
—Doug La Follette, Secretary of State, Wisconsin

Brian Czech marries economics, biology and political science in a brilliant account of why we need to abandon growth and build a new governance system. There is no sociable alternative to the steady state economy.
—Lorenzo Fioramonti is Jean Monnet Chair in Regional Integration and Governance Studies at the University of Pretoria; Senior Fellow at the Centre for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg; author of several books on international political economy including Gross Domestic Problem: The Politics Behind the World’s Most Powerful Number.

The practice of conservation biology has a palpably futile feeling when economic growth is the summum bonum. Supply Shock provides an antidote. All who are serious about the big picture of biodiversity conservation should read this book. It will change your idea of what the future can be, and how to create that future.
—Paul Beier, president, Society for Conservation Biology, and Regents’ Professor, School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University

In Supply Shock, Brian Czech graphically shows how the growth-based status quo is destroying the ecological basis of human existence and eloquently describes an alternative path to true economic maturity.
—Bill Rees, author of Our Ecological Footprint, Professor Emeritus of Human Ecology and Ecological Economics, University of British Columbia, and co-winner of the 2012 Boulding Prize in Ecological Economics

As Brian Czech lucidly explains, it’s time for our economy to start acting like a responsible adult in a world of limits. This book reeks of sanity: read it!
—Richard Heinberg, author, The End of Growth

A “landmark and thought provoking book.”
—Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

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